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PARISHarts Update for March
Posted 04/18/2018 08:00AM

The Upper School play this year will be Romeo and Juliet in High School. Kevin Ash, Upper School theatre teacher, recently held auditions and he's announced the cast! The play will open April 26 and run through April 28 in the Black Box.

Director: Kevin L. Ash
Asst. Director: Rachel Wilson
Stage Manager: Emma Roman
ASM - Adam Spencer, Shannon Simon, Grant Gilker
Light Designer: Emma Roman
Assistant Lighting Design: Grant Gilker
Light/Sound Board Operator: Adam  Spencer
Running crew: Brad Fetter

CAST : The Shakespearean role is in caps, the actor role is in parenthesis.

ROMEO 1 (Jack) - Nash Killebrew
ROMEO 1A (Bobby) – Jared Miller
MONTAGUE, (Rand) his father – Griffin Holtby
LADY MONTAGUE (Sally), his mother  - Anna Nielson
BENVOLIO, (Zach)  their kinsman – Gabriel Kellam
JULIET 1 (Julie) – Aanika Gupta
JULIET 1A (Victoria) - Nicole Gillette
CAPULET, (John) her father - Grant Gilker
LADY CAPULET (Justine) , her mother - Josephine Zucker
NURSE (Jilly) Juliet's nanny - Vivi Verges
TYBALT (Paul), Juliet's cousin - Sharanya Akula
PETRUCHIO, (Riley) Tybalt's friend - Nicole Chuecas
SAMPSON, (Luce) - Brawling youth - Ashley Awad    
GREGORY (Sarah) – Brawling youth - Sarah Johnson
ABRAM – (Hanna) - Brawling youth - Sydney Meler

SERVER, PAGE (Kat)– Blaire Messmann
ESCALUS, (Justin) Prince of Verona – Evan Brown
PARIS, (Brad) the Prince's kinsman and Juliet's suitor Jefferson Ratliff
MERCUTIO, (Ellie) - the Prince's kinsman and Romeo's friend Victoria Billings
FRIAR LAWRENCE (Cooper) - Jordan Busch
FRIAR JOHN (Hanna) - Sydney Meler
APOTHECARY (Ellen) - Sela Grays
CHORUS (Darlene) begins each act - Lainey Brown
MUSICIANS, (Taffy) –Madelyn White, (Rand) Griffin Holtby
FIRST WATCH ,(Maddie) – Alex Pechersky , (Darlene) Lainey Brown, (Lori) Lauren Chappell
LIGHT BOARD OP, (Adam) - Adam Spencer

The Parish Drumline put on their very first Drumline Showcase on March 22. It went very well and was well received by all! Shout out to Chris Burns, Drumline Director, for all of his hard work and diligence in making this event happen for the kids and the community. Here are some images from the show:


March 22 was a big day for PARISHarts... in addition to the Drumline Showcase, the MS Play More Than Rumors and Rumors and Selfies opened. This is the first year that Jessica Barnett, Middle School Theatre Director, formatted the MS Play as a series of monologues/solo performances and it translated on the stage even better than we could have hoped. When she set out to do this she didn't know she'd get the volume of students wanting to participate, but it just goes to show how much students value and want to be a part of the Parish Theatre Program! Here are some images that Wiley Williams took of the show:


The Spring Sports Pep Rally for Middle School and Upper School was packed with Arts gold! Essential Standards performed two numbers, Drumline  received a standing ovation and the Rosettes killed it as usual.  Here's a clip from their performance.

That's not all that happened March 22! In addition to the Drumline Showcase and the Middle School Play opening, the Tri 2 Selected Works Gallery Show held their opening reception. The theme for the show was weaving which was incorporated into the marketing materials, activities and the installation. The National Arts Honor Society members took the reins on executing the reception and once again created a fun and interactive environment for all those who came down to the Jonsson Gallery to check it out!

The 2018-19 Parish Rosettes line members were announced on March 28! We have a record number on the team this year, 34.

Here are the new members: Madeline Anderson, Emma Blann, Toni Buskin, Lauren Chappell, Frances Collins, Maddy Collins, Michaela Creel, Evelyn Crumrine, Emma Denheyer, Charlotte Eades, Carla Hoefken, Abby Jackson, Avery Kisner, Komal Lalani, Eumin Lee, Ria Marsh, Audrey Martin, Emory Meler, Blaire Messman, Angelina Miller, Jenny Mitchell, Grace Moundas, Aneesa Patel, Moreau Pierson, Slaton Pierson, Peyton Plumlee, Risha Reddi, Lucy Robinson, Nusha Sattar, Sarah Siddons, Julia Sincovec, Abbey Swartzwelder, Vivi Verges, Rachel Wilson and managers Kavita Sharma, Rachel London and Adam Spencer.



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